SFTV Howard B. Fitzpatrick Pavilion on Schedule to Open in Fall 2021

The LMU School of Film and Television’s expansion with the Howard B. Fitzpatrick Pavilion is on track to open in the fall 2021 semester, adding a distinct visual presence on Alumni Mall and greatly increasing the scope of SFTV’s facilities for faculty and students. You may view the gallery of recent photos from the construction site here.

“The Fitzpatrick Pavilion is a transformational addition to the School of Film and Television and LMU at large,” said Dean Bryant Keith Alexander of LMU College of Communication and Fine Arts and Interim Dean of SFTV, “invoking the possibility for significant changes in operations, opportunities, and outward facing synergies with the broader entertainment industry in Los Angeles and beyond. LMU is the creative campus in which students, faculty, and staff work in collaborative ways towards the progressive possible for the greater good. The Fitzpatrick Pavilion is a further catalyst to these critical and creative commitments of LMU.”

The Fitzpatrick Pavilion, designed by world-renowned architecture firm SOM, will add 24,000 square feet of workspace, including flexible classrooms, screening rooms, labs, a camera-directing stage, a Screenwriting Village and more. A new Student Success Center will serve some 700 students annually with academic advising, mentorship opportunities, career development, creative support services, and special programs.

Additionally, immersive designer Ana Carolina Estarita-Guerrero will be a visiting artist this fall, and will create two exhibits in the Steed Family Media Arts Innovation Wing.

For more information and to take a tour of the renderings, please visit SFTV’s Howard B. Fitzpatrick Pavilion page.