Safety Tips

Active construction zones require increased awareness, to ensure the safety of workers and community members alike. We strongly encourage all Lions to respectfully adhere to the following guidelines when passing active construction sites.

1. Stay alert and give full attention to the site and its equipment, signage, and workers when passing the area (this includes staying off your phone!)

2. Respect the authority of workers and signs, and obey the directives given to you. Stay on designated roads and pedestrian paths.

3. When driving, biking, or skating: slow down, don’t tailgate, don’t change lanes in a work zone, and turn on headlights so workers see your vehicle.

4. Expect delays, and plan ahead. Leave early, and allow a buffer to still reach your destination on time.

5. Be patient. Construction is necessary from time to time, in order to continue enhancing and improving our LMU community!